As per the guidelines of UGC and Bangladesh Accreditation Council, from Spring 2023 Varendra University will conduct all educational activities in Bi-semester system.

Admission Going on for Summer-2024 Session

Bachelor's Degree

  • B Pharm Honors
  • B. Sc. in CSE
  • B. Sc. in EEE
  • BA Honors in English
  • BA in Islamic History
  • BBA
  • BSS Honors in Economics
  • BSS Honors in JCMS
  • BSS Honors in Sociology
  • BSS in Political Science
  • LLB Honors

Master's Degree

  • Executive MBA
  • LLM (Final)
  • MA in English
  • MBA-Regular
  • MSS in Economics
  • MSS in Political Science
  • MSS in Sociology (Regular)
  • Master's in Public Health

For Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Total GPA 5 with minimum 2.5 either in SSC or HSC/equivalent is required for admission in Honors Programs. But a student having a minimum GPA 2.00 in SSC/HSC/equivalent with total GPA 6.00 or above may apply (except B.Pharmprogram).
  2. Minimum five subjects from O-Level and two subjects from A-Level are required for the admission of new students. Out of seven subjects, students must have obtained B- grade or GPA 4.00 in four subjects and C grade or GPA 3.50 in other three subjects respectively.
  3. Total GPA of 5.00 in both SSC and HSC Examinations for the children of the Freedom Fighter.
  4. The candidates who intend to admit in any Undergraduate Programs under the School of Science and Technology and the School of Engineering must pass HSC/Diploma/equivalent examination from science group.
  5. All diploma holders from the Govt. and the UGC or related Council approved Institutions/Institutes will be considered as HSC/Equivalent, and they will have to take usual admission test for any existing programs of Varendra University.
For Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department:
  1. Candidate must pass HSC/Diploma/equivalent examination from science group.
  2. Candidate must obtain HSC/Diploma/equivalent examination with a minimum GPA 2.00 in Mathematics (in a scale of 5.00).
For Pharmacy Department:
  1. Candidates must have a total of GPA 8.00 (in a scale of 10.00) in both SSC/equivalent and HSC/equivalent examinations from science group but must have GPA not less than 3.50 (in a scale of 5.00) in any examinations. Candidates must have minimum GPA 4.00 (in a scale of 5.00) in Physics, Chemistry and Biology separately in both examinations.
  2. Candidates must have a minimum GPA 3.50 (in a scale of 5.00) in Mathematics in HSC/equivalent examination. Candidates having no Mathematics or having GPA less than 3.50 in Mathematics in HSC/A-Level/equivalent examinations can be admitted, but they will need to take an extra 3 (three) credit course on mathematics during B. Pharm. (Honors) candidature at Varendra University.
  3. For A-Level, candidates must have a minimum B Grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and a minimum C Grade in Mathematics.
  4. Candidates must pass HSC/equivalent examinations in current year or on previous year. For Example, the candidates who intend to admit in Summer 2023, must pass HSC/equivalent examinations in 2021/2022.
  5. Candidates with a diploma in pharmacy degree from an institution affiliated to the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB) need to contact the Pharmacy Program office and after approval from the department the candidates are requested to apply for admission.

For Graduate Programs:

Students who intend to get themselves admitted into Masters Programs should have at least 5.00 points as shown below without any 3rd division/class or 6.00 points with a 3rd division/class. The points to be computed as below:

Degree Points
1st Division/Class/
(3.5 and above)
2nd Division/Class/
(2.50 to 3.49)
3rd Division/Class/
(2.00 to 2.49)
SSC/Equivalent 3 2 1
HSC/Equivalent 3 2 1
Degree Pass 3 2 1
Honors or 4 years degree 4 3 2
Note: Minimum CGPA 2.00 is required at each level of examination.
Program Session Exam Date Form Price
BA Honors in English Summer-2024 - 500.00
MA in English Spring-2024 - 500.00
BSS Honors in Sociology Summer-2024 - 500.00
BSS Honors in Economics Summer-2024 - 500.00
BSS Honors in JCMS Summer-2024 - 500.00
B Pharm Honors Spring-2024 14 January 2024 500.00
B. Sc. in CSE Summer-2024 - 500.00
B. Sc. in EEE Summer-2024 - 500.00
BBA Summer-2024 - 500.00
MBA-Regular Spring-2024 - 500.00
LLB Honors Summer-2024 - 500.00
LLM (Final) Spring-2024 - 500.00
MSS in Sociology (Regular) Spring-2024 - 500.00
BA in Islamic History Summer-2024 - 500.00
BSS in Political Science Summer-2024 - 500.00
Master's in Public Health Spring-2024 - 500.00
MSS in Economics Spring-2024 - 500.00
MSS in Political Science Spring-2024 - 500.00